Baby virgil fanfiction

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Baby virgil fanfiction

Virgil refused to go on any adventures with Roman, no matter how much he liked playing the snarky villain. He could avoid dragon witches all he wanted but the fact of the matter was that he could still randomly turn into a child and it terrifies him. So, when Virgil wakes up swimming in his hoodie he lets out the loudest scream he ever has. His entire body is shaking as he sobs, screams, and cries.

Its scarier than he thought it would be. He was so scared. The minute he saw his tiny emo son he ran forward and pulled him into his lap and unlaced his fingers from his hair. Suddenly Virgil found himself being held by a warm pair of arms and that shade of blue he associates with safety and home and the strong familiar scent that always made him feel as if he belonged surrounded him.

He hands were slowly unlaced from his hair and another softer, more comforting hand is running through his hair. It helps, he feels grounded. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight.

Your doing so good sweetheart.

Aib notizie 20 (2008), n. 2

Good job. His sweet emo child is cuddling into him. Look how big that sweater looks on the tiny boy. Virgil squirms the minute he sees Logan. Virgil proceeds to burrow into his chest and make himself comfortable. They learn that Virgil has the most adult memories which helps him not panic less because he knows he can still help Thomas. Every time they hug him, let him cuddle with them, or even just do something kind it sends a stabbing pain through his chest because they would never do this if he was grown.

11 Classics That Are Secretly Fanfiction

He desperately wanted it even if it meant having to take advantage of his smaller size. Patton refrained from squealing, but only barely, but look how adorable he was. So small and of course he could have all the cuddles he wanted. So, Patton picked him up and carried him to the couch holding him close. He sat on the couch and he placed Virgil in his lap and held him close. Virgil happily snuggled closer even though it hurt knowing he would never get this again when he was grown.

He guessed he would have to savor it while he could. Was his little shadowling so deprived of love that he felt he needed to get it while he was little? What had they done to make him feel so alone? How could they possibly fix this?

From that point on Patton made it a point to hold and snuggle and give Virgil as much affection as he possibly could. His chest hurt and he was overwhelmed what was happening was he going crazy?He had saw him and decide to adopt him.

Thomas brings the one month old home once the adoption was complete.

Bitter kola and evil spirits

Virgil sleeps the entire car ride home, until they park. Virgil starts to wail. Thomas picks him up and sways side-to-side. Virgil starts to calm.

Slowly, Thomas walks inside. The twins run to their father, Logan walking there calming. Thomas laughs lightly. Roman pout, watching Virgil finish his small bottle and fall asleep. Roman sighs and Patton stares at the baby happily. Thomas smiles at his loving son. Patton nods, holding Virgil gently. Was he in your tummy? Logan snorts. Patton hands Virgil back to his dad. Logan sighs, about to follow them. Thomas looks at his new son. Remus : I went to a doctor because I was constipated and he said the same thing as my therapist.

Remus : I just realized my mashed potatoes are in the shape of a heart, which means one of two things. Remus : Your eyes are so beautiful! I just want to gouge them out and make them into candlestick holders. Logan: You know what thinking is?Patton ran through the halls of the Inner World, looking around frantically.

He was running so fast he nearly slammed directly into the legs of the man he was looking for when he rounded the corner. He was missing a front tooth, making him look that much more childlike.

baby virgil fanfiction

I was hoping that maybe…we could play? Virgil pretended to think, and nodded. You have something in mind? Virgil rolled his eyes and stood, covering his eyes with his hands.

Virgil started to count and Patton ran off, stifling his giggles as best he could until he thought he was out of earshot of Virgil. Where to hide, where to hide…oh!

He made a beeline to the kitchen and opened up the drawer under the sink. He climbed into it and pulled on the door so that it shut him in completely. Patton giggled despite himself. Virgil would never find him here! Shifting into a slightly more comfortable position, Patton closed his eyes and started to think.

But hide and seek was the best time to think. Virgil had been wearing his hoodie a lot more often than normal, and that made Patton sad. Patton shook his head and forced himself to think about other things. That was something that always made him cry, and crying would give away his position. Hopefully Steven and Emile, and maybe even Weslyn would say hi to Thomas soon. After all, they were seeing a nice doctor soon, and if Thomas knew about him and Logan and Roman and Virgil, he should know about Emile and Steven and Weslyn too.

Patton stifled a snicker a second too late. The footsteps stopped. Holding his breath, Patton listened as the footsteps got closer. Virgil opened the cupboard and Patton blinked in the sudden light, laughing.

Virgil shook his head. Just remember to stay out of the dark hallways, all right? Patton shivered and nodded. The dark hallways creeped him out anyway. Virgil offered Patton a smile and ran off, leaving Patton to start to count.

Already refocused on the game, he covered his eyes and began counting. A Tumblr dedicated to Sanders Sides fanfiction, as seen and squealed over by a plural system. Posted by sanderssidesfanfiction. I wanna play! I never would have guessed.

All the others say you hafta! Patton deflated a little.Usually from random inspiration or painful procrastination. Summary: Virgil is oddly absent. Logan makes a starting discovery. Logan simply nods in response and turns toward the stairs, opting to work himself a bit rather than transporting. Logan approaches Virgil door and gives three solid, even knocks. It is Logan. We have not seen you all day, so I told Patton that I would check on you. Logan pushes the door open and pulls up in the threshold, mouth slightly agape and eyes wide.

There, swimming in blankets and bedclothes, is indeed a very small, very young version of Virgil. He mumbles something to himself, incoherent to Logan through layers of fabric. To be fair to both of them, this is the first time that a tiny Virgil has appeared in the MindScape.

The other three have ended up as such before, Roman having come back multiple times from skirmishes with the DragonWitch as a tiny tot, but somehow, Virgil has escaped this fate. Until now, that is.

baby virgil fanfiction

The smaller Side peeks out from his blanket cocoon, eyeing the other with caution, but not hostility, as he approaches. After a pause, the blankets shift in what looks like a nod.

Now closer to the shadows, Logan can hear that they are whispering to Virgil, and he catches snippets of what they are saying.

Brotherly Anxceit

Logan is immediately indignant. I am…worried; I will admit. But not angry. Not at you. Perhaps at these shadows for lying to you.

Seven pointed star

Virgil, however, does not respond, still crying and curled in on himself.I should've just come back to my room and stayed there. Why am I so stupid? I-I can't do anything right?. The reaction the others had when they heard those words leave my stupid stupid mouth. I mean, I'm anxiety what did I expect?

Mazda chip tuning

I am honestly trying to be nicer and help them. I aim to protect not harm. Why can't I do that? W-what is wrong with me?

His breath rapidly getting harder to catch. He was on a continuous cycle of self-depreciation, a cycle he could never quite get out of on his own.

As he sat there, his head pressed between his knee's, shaking so violently that it was as if he was an earthquake that never ended, he stared at his reflection as it slowing transformed from Virgil to an old foe, Deceit Are you okay son? The father figure of the group. The moral compass of all of Thomas' sides. To Virgil, Patton was the closest thing he had to a friend, the only one who had never insulted him, his best friend, he supposed. Even though Virgil's head screamed for him to say, "No, I'm not okay, please please help me Pat.

I-I need you. Please open up the door kiddo, we could build a snowman in Roman's room, it doesn't have to be a snowman? But it was too late for that now, Patton had barged the door open and stood in the door frame as the youngest element of Thomas' personality sat there in a ball staring at the mirror that laid opposite him. Tears streaming down his face, his favourite headphones snapped in half next to him. I need to focus on you now Virgil. As Patton was the eldest of the sides and the one with the most compassion and empathy, when Virgil got into a state of, well, extreme anxiousness and panic, he was the one who went out of his way to ensure that he felt safe and calm.

He gently tapped Virgil on the shoulder and whispered softly his name in his ear redirecting his gaze from the mirror to his best friend. Pat could see the fear and panic in his eyes as clear as day now. He was lost in his eyes and shocked with what he saw.Where did my dark little brother go? Logan: Your son is awake. Patton: [groaning] Before sunrise he is your son. Premise : People keep tiny dragons as pets, only about the size of a puppy. Read Part Two. Read Part three.

Keep reading. Roman bounds in the house with so much energy, uncle Patton always gives him too much sugar, but he stops in his tracks at the sight of his dad with a bundle of blankets in his arms. Read on ao3. This almost always leads to a throwing of flour and eating raw cookie dough, but hey the cookies get made regardless. The boys had been chattering about playing, while The Grinch played in the background.

Dee blinked in confusion before he became aware of the tears on his face. Just thinking about how much I love all of you. He moved forward to give his youngest a kiss on the forehead. But as he did, he felt multiple pairs of small arms encircle him. He smiled and turned to pull all of his boys in a tight hug. Finally finished coloring my picture I drew up a few days ago. I still feel proud of little Virgil. Deceit was a dark side.

Everyone knew that. But there was something more to him than that label, more behind the facade people saw at first glance. As a kid, Deceit would always watch over him. Remus used to tease that they were like koalas, clinging onto each other for protection from the monsters in the movies.

Virgil never minded much, Remus would cuddle up to them without even batting an eye if they asked, and usually did even without them prompting. And even though Patton is still a little flighty around Deceit, the longer time goes on, the more Virgil has noticed the two leaning up against each other on the couch. They never notice him watching, but he can see how happy each of them look, animatedly throwing puns back and forth. Its amazing that they could never run out of jokes to tell each other, giggling as if sharing a secret only the two of them understand.

Sure, Virgil knew Deceit was a dark side. So whilst thatsthat24 and thejoanglebook were in Australia…Joan mentioned that they had a dream that they met Virgil in a dungeon!!And Roman and Logan had given up theirs rather easily. Although, Logan was a bit more reluctant. Especially around Christmas. You get double the gifts and I hate that.

baby virgil fanfiction

Virgil had immediately went red and ducked out of the room into his own. He had given the silent treatment to the other three for weeks. Patton had been looking through the calendar he enjoyed looking at the pictures when he got to December. His B-Day.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His D. The day he was born. Logan looked up, opened his mouth as if to say something then closed his mouth. He shook his head and sighed. Of course. Birth Day. It was December 19 and Patton was excitedly baking a black and purple tie dye cake with Roman. Logan suddenly popped up in the kitchen and sniffed the air. He crinkled his nose. I got him a new Evanescence calendar as well as a new hoodie. Roman got Virgil a purple voodoo doll.

Sanders System: Patton’s Playtime I (Virgil, Hide-and-Seek)

Do you have anything for him? Virgil might find it interesting. Roman pointed the electric mixer at Virgil, wielding it like a sword and causing flecks of purple cake mix to fly everywhere. Virgil just stared around the room, at the complete chaos he had managed to make just by showing up. Virgil cracked a smile and fixed his bangs which had been slightly moved in the tiny chaos.

Virgil rolled his eyes and dropped the smile. He sighed and crossed his arms.


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